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2020.01.14 00:29:43

Thursday night, on 19th of December, 2019 Cinema City the movie house in Kyiv hosted the Ukrainian premiere for Only a Miracle, the long-awaited fantastic fairytale movie from Kazka Production. Film Director Olena Karetnyk and Director of photography Dmytro Sanin created the…

2019.03.26 19:24:24

The production of the family fantasy «Only a Miracle» has been completed, informed the Ukrainian State Film Agency’s official website. The film company «Kazka Production» presented to the Ukrainian State Film Agency the full-length feature film «Only a Miracle» (film…

2018.11.05 18:36:07

Kazka Production presents teaser trailer «Only a Miracle».

2018.10.26 12:34:00

Dmitry Konovalov’s music for the «Only a Miracle» movie is recorded at the Fames Project — Orchestral Music  Recording studio in Skopje, Macedonia. FAME’S records music for Films scores, Television, Videos Games, Classical Music. Its services are used by the most…

2018.06.19 23:47:53

Shooting of a fantasy film «Only a Miracle» finished with the incendiary dances. A scene with ancient dances was filmed in a cozy corner of the Dnieper island. That was a touchable moment of the meeting of Maria and Nick…

2018.05.16 19:57:25

The visual effects in the movie are like a qualitative service: they exist, but they are invisible. Sometimes art lies in concealing art. There’s everything Okay with VFX when you can not distinguish the computer graphics from a real picture…

2018.05.13 19:30:20

Creators of a new Ukrainian fantasy filming – “Only a Miracle” – have begun shooting the most ambitious scene in a film – full of stunts and special effects.  

2018.05.09 09:26:36

«ILLARIA ETHNO», «LAMA» and «В&В Project», «world music» performed by «ErJOrchestra» and «RJazz», the whole symphony orchestra and many favorite Christmas carols – all this is the music in the movie «Only a Miracle». The movie’s engaged such an outstanding…

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