The incendiary dances and the film group in a shot: how the winter fairy tale had been shooting in the summer

Shooting of a fantasy film «Only a Miracle» finished with the incendiary dances. A scene with ancient dances was filmed in a cozy corner of the Dnieper island. That was a touchable moment of the meeting of Maria and Nick starred by Angelica Savchenko and Eugene Nyshchuk.
It had happened twenty years ago, in the summer, before the beginning of the Little Ice Age…

The tavern «Gulfstream» drowned in the greenery. The peaceful and steady side of the fairy river, an amazing choir of local frogs, cute ducks with ducklings which every time tried to get into the film production. And, of course, kayakers and canoeists, which constantly interfered the work of a film group. All these (of course, without kayakers) will make a striking contrast to the icy deserts and sub-zero temperatures in the main film story. The fairy Nicolas City will be caught unawares with the ice storms and cold weather. But as yet…

…As yet, everyone danced, had fun and was filmed. Not only the main characters of the scene was filmed, but also each member of the crew. Oh, yes, literally, in the summer scene at the tavern «Gulfstream» the audience will see the whole crew: the director, the operators, make-up artists, costumers, PR and financial departments. We even can not manage to name all of them. And, believe us, it’s not because of the lack of actors for the mass scenes. But for the filming period everyone of the team dreamed to be plunged into the atmosphere of a fairy tale, but not just be standing on the other side of the camera.
The respectable men and exquisite ladies experienced undisguised excitement and true delight when tried on costumes of antiquity. Dressed like fairy-tale townspeople and made up under the XVII century, filmmakers then during all night (and the filming of the scene started in the evening and went on almost until the dawn) had fun as residents of the Nicholas City. And worked as real actors… So, the film about the film will be no less interesting.