The wolves will fly and the epical landscapes will impress: how are creating the VFX for the fairy movie

The visual effects in the movie are like a qualitative service: they exist, but they are invisible. Sometimes art lies in concealing art. There’s everything Okay with VFX when you can not distinguish the computer graphics from a real picture — you believe them both.

The Ukrainian-American company «Gloria FX» creates cutting-edge effects for the movie «Only a Miracle».

The VFX supervisors support all the stages of the production — from the shooting set through to delivery of the finished project. There will be incredible snow expanses of the Little Ice Age, fantastic animals and, of course, surprises for the spectators of the movie.

The «Gloria FX» has been working at the movie «Only a Miracle» for the six months. As a result there are approved models of all beasts in the movie and most of them are already done. There are flying lynx, rat, cat and wolves. Ice, frost and epic winter landscapes of The Little Ice Age are to be done.

«Gloria FX» promises an unseen level of VFX for the Ukrainian cinema. The supervisors assure: the finished 3D-set animated wolf looks very cool and even frightening!

Now the experts from «Gloria FX» tale how are created the special effects for the fairy.

A supervisor Alexander Orlov and a compositor Tatiana Pinaeva worked on the set in Bukovel when filming a wild nature.

Olexandr Orlov

«We are responsible for the compositing — the graphic part of the project. These are combining of visual elements from separate shots into a single one, color grading, tracking, matte painting etc. We grow icicles, rime windows, and create the necessary weather conditions and so on».

Tetyana Pinaeva

«This is a very artistic work; it only may be limited by the client’s wishes. The creating of VFX is not just doing «prosaic» programs and looking out at life through the computer screen. Some scenes have been shot in the Carpathians. There was amazing beautiful wildlife. At the stage of postproduction, the mountain rangers will get more fairy and the epic sceneries appear. Supervising the natural environment and seeing the beauty and miracles even in ordinary things is our job. Thus, I may say, the creation of VFX is rather philosophical and artistic occupation».

The specialists of «Gloria FX» assure: the compositing of sceneries will be hi-level done, thus, the actors won’t recognize the natures they have been shot. But the most difficulty in the movie is the creation of animals.

Vladyslav Ozerov, the «Gloria FX» supervisor

«The creation of the fantastic animals consists of a few stages. First comes modeling and texturing. It means the creation of the model itself, which can be seen in 3D set.

The next stage is rigging. The animal character gets both a skeleton and all the anatomical details: phalanges, joints, mimic features etc. If you want to achieve the wolf’s grin, you need to draw up the right muscles! The VFX are much more than they seem to be for the first glance. The supervisor needs to know how everything happens in real life. Thus, both anatomy and physics are useful…

The third stage is animation. With the help of animation, we make the beasts move all around.

And the last stage is the simulation, when the animals are covered up with the wool».

According to the specialists of «Gloria FX», there doesn’t exist any multipurpose sample or a model of the character. They create a new one every time. Each of the fairy animals is the unique one.

An individual approach to the project and meeting all the creative aims of a client is the philosophy of the company. The «Gloria FX» insists there don’t exist any flying wolves anywhere like in the fairy «Only a Miracle».

The result will be epic, no doubt: everyone will be impressed and amazed by the terrific sceneries, peculiar animals and the cutting-edge effects of the movie «Only a Miracle».