Two singers, three bands and a symphony orchestra: the fantasy «Only a Miracle» may turn into a musical film

«ILLARIA ETHNO», «LAMA» and «В&В Project», «world music» performed by «ErJOrchestra» and «RJazz», the whole symphony orchestra and many favorite Christmas carols – all this is the music in the movie «Only a Miracle».

The movie’s engaged such an outstanding number of singers and musicians, so that «Only a Miracle» can be called the musical film, no exaggeration.

The basis for the musical accompaniment of the film includes the tracks of a modern Ukrainian composer Dmytro Konovalov. Thanks to his musical theme «Opening», promo of the film had been running during a few years of preparatory period. And this is a unique case as usually the movie footage appears first, and then the composer creates music for.

The author dedicated a music theme to his son. And the track for the family cinema became the part of the composer’s family tradition: every year on New Year holidays the melody from the movie «Only a Miracle» is played at the Sofia Square near the main Christmas tree of the country.

The interview with the composer Dmytro Konovalov

Dmytro Konovalov’s tracks were performed by the Ukrainian State Academy Orchestra for Symphony and Pops conducted by Mykola Lysenko. And the musicians themselves starred in the movie as the «Burgomister Orchestra» of the fairy Nicholas City.

The interview with the conductor Mykola Lysenko

The «B&B Project», the actors of «ILLARIA ETHNO» and «LAMA», promote modern and traditional Ukrainian melos. Thus, «ILLARIA» sang the Ukrainian folk song «Oh, There a Dream Wonders» by her own arrangement. She also performed the role of the Fairy of Dreams in the movie.

ILLARIA — The Fairy of Dreams. VIDEO

«B&B Project» members act the role of street musicians of Nicholas City. The band plays the accordion and the bandura and performs world hits. But in the fantasy movie these Ukrainian folk instruments sound as of ancient times.

«B&B Project» at the opening of the scenery of the fairy Nicholas City. VIDEO

The romantic love of the main heros — Severyn and Sofia — is accompanied by the song of «LAMA» band (Ukrainian pop-singer Natalya Dzen’kiv). «LAMA»’s new track, «Pryvit, pryvit» («Hello, hello»), perfectly mingled with the movie ’s plot. «The dreams will tell me where are your sails» «LAMA» sings, and these fairytale sails carry the main hero Severyn away to the whirlwind adventures… At the end of his trials there will be a long-awaited meeting for sure. So, «Hello!..»

«LAMA» played the Fairy of Ices in the movie. She rushed through the icy expanses of the Little Ice Age towards snow and frost.

The fairy atmosphere of the old «Gulf Stream» tavern was conveyed by musicians from «ErJOrchestra» and «RJazz». The teams perform music in the world music genre. It is a mix of neoclassics, jazz, oriental melodies and folklore. The composer of music is Andrzej Pozdin. The musicians picked out one of the fragments of their improvisations for this very movie.

The musicians themselves admitted real medieval European music does not sound very fabulous. Therefore, the music of «ErJOrchestra» and «RJazz» bands is a fantasy-glance at the European medieval music tradition.

Music is an integral part of any holiday. The scene of St. Nicholas Day in the house of Burgomaster will be remembered by bright performances and the beloved carol «Oh, Who, Who Loves Nicholas?». The whole Burgomaster’s family sings the carol under the accompaniment of antique pump organ.

St. Nicholas Day in the House of Burgomaster

The pump organ in the movie is an authentic antique instrument, which is more than 150 years old. It’s is a relic of the conductor Lysenko’s family. It has been inherited from generation to generation, probably from the world known Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko.

The singer Svitlana Korobochkina, that is aunt Elsa, plays the pump organ. Svitlana is a participant of «The Voice of Ukraine» (the 5th season). Specially for the movie, she wrote the song «Malen’ke Olenyantko» («The Little Reindeer»). Merry harp melody, along with winter-holiday words, easily gets into a heart. And a heart wants to sing it again and again. And even happily spin round and round.